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About us

We founded the GANGKAR kennel in 1999. However, the first Tibetan mastiff came to our family in early 1996 wonderful boy ​​Amor Si-Ťiang. Soon he has gained our hearts for Tibetan mastiff with its beauty and great character. The more we learned about the Tibetan Mastiffs from articles, newsletters, breeders and exhibitions, the more our interest in breeding this amazing breed grew. Amor has become the father of one litter in kennel Okinawa and two litters in kennel Karpatská strela. In June 1998, we imported from France a puppy - girl Orine du Jardin des Khyi des Trois Rois. Our choice according to the quality of the ancestors proved to be correct and Orine has beome the Slovak Champion already at the age of 20 months and later she has become the International Champion. We owe a lot to Orine, she gave us a great friendship, a lot of beautiful and unforgettable moments, she has become a successful founder of our breeding and although unfortunately she is also with Amor in the dog heaven, they are still with us as their children, grandchildren and grandchildren.

From our first litter from Orine we kept two girls Asia Gangkar and Alina Gangkar, who became International Champions and like their sisters Alma Gangkar, Alci Gangkar and younger brother Bumper Gangkar became Champions of Slovakia too. From our C litter from Orine and D litter from Asia we kept two males - Ckubilai Khan Gangkar and Dzong Pen Gangkar. Dzong Pen Gangkar - our stud male - became International Champion, Champion of Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Slovak, Czech and Austrian Juniorchampion and he became proud father of beautiful puppies in kennel Rgyal-ba (CZ), Bucnovaska (SLO), Strážce z Tibetu (CZ), Sobarna (GB), Z Čuňovského lesa (SK), Gunga Nima (A), Is Full of Life (B), Zlatý Adalim (SK), Darge Gonchen (SK), Dekyi Champa (NL), Nan-šan (CZ), Yamatsan (SK), Andjing Bagus (NL), Arhat Gonpo (CZ), Barnali (PL), Re-Hla (CZ), Tara Dhatu (CZ), Diabelski Usmiech ( PL) and in our kennel.

The title of Slovak Junior Champion was achieved also by Chica, Dangmo, Dasia, Daisy, Erin Khan, Fuji Asia, Godan Khan, Hope, Jowo, Kaila Dekyi, Khandro, Lhargo, Mingyar, Palden Khan, Ria, Sikkim, Tara, Tonya, Vaya Sakya,Valdez Vikram and Whoopi Gangkar, Juniorchampion of Austria became Tara Gangkar and Czech juniorchampion became Feng, Norbu and Tara Gangkar. Haryana Tseepo Gangkar became Juniorchampion of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia at the age of 11, and she is a Champion of Estonia, Russia and International Champion! Dangmo, Dolma, Dasia, Dharma, Erin Khan, Jomo, Jowo, Jatayu Senge, Khandro, Lhargo, Mingyar, Norbu, Ria, Sikkim, Safira, Tonya, Tara, Tenzin, Ursus, U Cang Lama, Uma Uffka, Valdez Vikram and Vaya Sakya Gangkar became the Slovak Champions, Hungarian Champion was Corina Gangkar, Polish Champion was Dorje Gangkar, Champions of Slovenia isTara Gangkar and Austrian Champions are Tara and Norbu Gangkar - Congratulations !!! Daisy Gangkar achieved a beautiful success at the European Dog Show - in 2003 she won the European Junior Winner and in 2005 she was excellent2 rCAC! Dzong Pen Gangkar and Haryana Tseepo Gangkar at the European Dog Show in 2008 won excellent second place and rCAC! Our offspring also represented Slovakia at the World Dog Show in 2009, which was attended by up to 15 Tibetans from our kennel. Many big thanks and congratulations  to all the owners of the exhibited dogs!:O))) In the competition of 143 Tibetan Forkys Gangkar, Jomo Gangkar and Khyi-mo Gangkar won wonderful third places and Alina Gangkar second place!

At the end of November 2005, our family grew up with a five-year-old female Alma Gangkar from our first litter because her owners had to give her up for serious family reasons. Alma found and loved her old home, and our other dogs accepted her without any problems as if she had never left us. She lived beautiful long life - just like Dzong - 13 years and 7 months. Our girl Atisha du Domaine de Toundra, who was imported from France in spring 2005, also lived a beautiful age of 13 years and 3 months. In August 2017 our beloved boy Ilim Gangkar suddenly left us and in December 2018 our beloved girl Golan Gansu Gangkar - daughter of Alina. At the end of 2020 we lost our beloved girls Hope Gangkar - daughter of Alma and Mogwai Gangkar - daughter of Hope. We miss them all very much. In January 2011 we imported from Estonia boy Tseepo Lobsang to Gangkar, who became Champion of Slovakia and Slovak Juniorchampion and is proud father of several litters in our country and abroad. Members of our family are TM girls: Orine Gangkar - daughter of Atisha, Ria Gangkar and Tenzin Gangkar - both Mogwai's daughters, Whoopi Gangkar- daughter of Tenzin, Xarra Leila Gangkar - daughter of Ria and Zafira Gangkar - granddaughter of Ria.

We believe that a good base in our kennel can contribute to strengthening of Tibetan Mastiff breeding, which we cannot imagine without the help of our puppies' owners. Therefore, we would like to thank very much to all our puppies' owners for the care and love they give to our puppies every day and for their friendship! THANK YOU!!!